12 Hours In

This could probably be expressed in a tweet, but here it is anyway. This is a huge thank you for the support and positive feedback I've received already is beyond words for me. I posted it, expecting about 100 people to play it, and a couple to really get into it and enjoy it. But no, it's already received 300 downloads after being online for 12 hours, and I've received plenty of texts and comments saying how much people like the game. I enjoy gaming, and I enjoy college. So I blended those together through a medium I have currently, and the feedback from it has been a great encouragement to me. It made the hours put in so beyond worth it that I'm ready to jump into the next phase. Speaking of which, let's dive into that, since this is a developer log.

TL;DR - Thank you for far exceeding my expectations both in support and feedback received.

The Future of the Game!

Right now everything is focused on ensuring launch goes smoothly. There is a game plan that will be implemented soon.  Here's a short sneak peek at what's on the top of my list.

  • Limited time events with rewards
  • Another add-on to the story (talk to people in the VPA for a hint)
  • Regular updates with bug fixes and improvements

I've already seen a couple really helpful ideas from users, as well as visual improvements that we're working on separately. I can't wait to unveil them and give more info as time passes. Once again, thank you for your support, and don't forget to read the Pathway!


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