Well, here we are. The launch of PCC: The RPG. This was a joke that me and my friends threw around for a couple months before out of boredom I started creating this game about a year ago. If I had any idea how much work would go into this, I probably wouldn't have started. Being a full-time college student in addition to extracurricular activities has kept me incredibly busy. If you look at the @wfs_studios Twitter, you see that most of the development took place over the spring of 2017. It kinda fell by the wayside over the summer, but I picked it back up when we came back. It's been a long journey for sure. From lost code during creation of the entire crafting system, to the adventure game breaking more times than I can count, it's been a learning experience. But it's been so worth it. I'm looking forward to interacting with the community, making the game better, and working on something I love. So thank you for the support, and I'm proud to present PCC: The RPG.

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